After having literally a stressful kinda month, I had a discussion with myself and I.

Myself: Chimnaza don’t you think you need “me time?”

I: Nne you are right🤔

Myself: I am always right. Well, just see it as a reward to yourself for staying strong.

And that’s how this Weekend was termed ” Me Weekend,  all about myself… a little selfish here and there😁😁.



Prepared Fried Rice with Chicken, washing it down with cup of juice.

Weekend fried rice

This right here was tasty and I couldn’t resist eating 2 plates out of it.

Bhet, I literally felt like Broiler after eating for I couldn’t walk, move around and that was when

I Slept like a Queen.

*No book read*

*Just lazy chats there*

*slept again *


Me Weekend continued

*Went to church *


*The look when you know what you are upto*

My smiling face when I know I am going home to eat Ukwa

*prepared my favourite dish*


Breadfruit (Ukwa)

A traditional dish common to the Eastern states in Nigeria (Igbos)

It can be either fried or cooked with fish or Chicken or maize or oil bean(Ugba). Both ways it’s still my favourite . This dish right here can make me do your bidding without batting an eyelid.

*If you don’t know or haven’t tasted it, you are missing alot… get an Igbo friend😋😋.

Cons: Takes a lot of time in preparing it and pricy too if you see it.

Pros: Very healthy, Tasty and erm Chimnaza-like.

*Slept Again*

Then remembering that tomorrow is Monday and I have class.

Atleast it paid off, I feel a little refreshed and expectant for the new week.

Once in a while, take sometime off, eat healthy and relax. It sure will help.

*We can’t comman die cos we are adults*

Happy New Week and Weekend in advance.