Life update

Hello fam.

Super ashamed to acknowledge that I have been off this space for awhile now. Adult Life came at me with full speed and I have been trying to find balance hence this life update post.

Been involved in a couple of things and I feel I owe you Queens and family members the explanation. Like I mentioned in Latest Graduate post, I am now a Doctor and have been trying to get into practice full time but took a little different route from planned.

I enrolled into full time masters programme in England and had to relocate. While at it, I got a job which had me moving to London and I equally got state registered with HCPC UK which is the regulatory body for biomedical science and other health professions excluding medicine and nursing.

Truthfully , it has not been an easy ride but trust your girl to hang in there and this is me encouraging you to hang in there as well. It will get better with time.

Thank you all for your emails and comments both here and on my Pinterest account. It has been like a fuel to keep this space going and not close it down.

Nonetheless, few changes have been made to the website. It is now a fashion and health website and no longer fashion, health and lifestyle. Subsequent posts on this site will be more of fashion and health. Lifestyle has been moved to youtube so that I can connect more with everyone. I mean it is easy to whip out your phone and record spur of the moment events than write them.

The youtube promises to be fun and I will be as honest and vulnerable as possible especially as IMG. I hope to connect with IMGs more and show you that I am in the same boat with you… In summary I understand and happy to share any goodies that will be beneficial to all.

I am not where I want to be yet but I am certain I am on the right journey.

Without much further ado, I am enthusiastic to introduce my new YouTube channel and would be gladden to connect with anyone from this website there. Looking forward to comments, like and subscribers to the channel.

Till next life major change or life update …

Have fun while adulting…