Class of 2020 Medical Graduate

Yes!!! You read right, Class of 2020 M.D Graduate.

(Does imaginary happy graduate dance).

It’s been a long time coming, prayed for this day, believed it will come and worked towards it.

A journey that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up”, a journey fuelled and inspired by life experiences, a journey I am grateful to have begun…

So allow me to be vain small and re-introduce myself :

Medical Doctor: Graduate

Chimnaza N.C  (B.Mls, M.D and something in view)

These last few months have been really busy for me geared towards exams and what’s life after graduation hence my being on hiatus for awhile. 

 I really feel I neglected my little safe space which is this blog and kept on having guilt pangs all the time when I remember I should have written something or posted the already written ones and to that,  sincerest apology. 

Errm a little back up story…

I didn’t start out as early as I could speak to envisage being a Medical Doctor or being in health profession. 

Nah! Far from it, infact my first was to be an aeronautic Engineer, I loved everything about aeroplanes, flying, fixing up electronic things in addy to the fact there are few female aeronautic Engineers in my beautiful country Nigeria. 

Well events happened, new dream was borne and this dream came with a different intensity but peace of mind so I started nurturing and working towards it.

Do I have regrets? No !

Were there days I questioned myself? Yes but I always got my answers before I can say Jack Robinson. 

Was it an easy journey?  Hehehe it’s sure a journey I have loads of tales to tell someday but one thing is certain I will embark on this journey again and again even in my next world if something like that exists. 

My final result came in 2 days to my birthday and this is the first birthday ever since I started going to school that I didn’t have to worry about exams. 

2020 graduate

Class of 2020 graduates all over the world, sure most of us didn’t have graduation ceremony thanks to pandemic but We (the world’s best graduates) are definitely grateful that we can finally put school days behind us especially me.

I don’t know what’s out there in stock for me especially after being a graduate but I am sure I can weather what it is with God on my side. I look forward to joining the workforce for starters.

I look forward to joining all health professionals out there to save lives especially this period and more importantly I look forward to placing smiles on my patients face.

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