Today’s blog post is more like a rant, myself trying to Express how annoying this attitude can be especially when you are placed on a spot and I know I will be stepping on some people’s toes with this post especially those that make health professionals to indulge in phone prescription.

First, it starts with just declaring that you are a doctor or you are in the health sector or you are even enroute to becoming a doctor… bam it’s believed all health matters are over, for you can be called anytime and anywhere to attend to the health matter.

I have had a couple of issues with friends when I get the call, Naza errrm I have this and that or my child has this and that… blah blah what should I give or what do you prescribe.

I even remember when I was made to prescribe *** over the phone for few minutes pleasure gone wrong… chai you people should allow me to make heaven oo.

Each time my first reply will always be have you gone to see your General Practitioner and what’s his/her diagnosis.

What were you asked to do? If the answer is No, I won’t say much other than go to hospital but if yes ehe we can start conversation.

For the truth in this eeh is that there’s more to diagnosing a disease which requires you visiting the hospital than giving that your Favourite doctor friend a call.

It starts with Inspection- Palpation -Percussion- Auscultation etc and most times same signs and Symptoms can be shared by different diseases.

A particular symptom isn’t just enough to say, it’s this or administer this drug. Bhet Mba people won’t hear, they want you to do abracadabra and know what’s wrong.

You see eeh what someone describes as stomach pain may not even be it and to think pain can be described in various ways in health system is enough to demand a visit to Gp.

So was relaxing and I saw this going round internet and all I could say was wow.

For the rest of their lives they might blame the guy that he’s the reason for the child’s death, if only he stood his ground and said no. Shey las las they still went to hospital after it got so bad.

Say no to over the phone prescription

See eeeh, it’s better to lose friends than lives for no one will remember you were asked to engage in over phone prescription.

Stop pressuring your Doctor friends, daughters, sons etc to prescribe drugs for you over the phone or dm or even WhatsApp chat, we are talking about human life not chicken life. Visit the hospital once you notice any change in your health status.

Like I keep saying, when a disease/illness is diagnosed early, there’s room for better response to treatment, quick recovery, surviving and even saving the money you are trying to save.

Take for instance, diagnosing an infection early, it’s way better than when it has probably escalated to complication.

As for health professionals, no matter who is involved we can do better by standing our ground and directing them to the hospital.

Well, I hope this dude comes out of this hot soup and develops thick skin to the guilt trips that he will be forced to take.

With these few words, I want to believe no one will ask me to indulge in over the phone prescription drug maka we will be praying and not prescribing drug and to remind my colleagues to desist from over the phone prescription.

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