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Fun Facts about Ukraine

Hey blog fam! How are you all doing? Today’s post is a follow up of  Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine post  especially for my fellow tourists (yes I consider myself one atimes) who are planning on spending or visiting Ukraine this summer. Will start off with things you can …


Concussion Movie

On a good weather day in January, during an evening sit-in, a very good friend of mine recommended I watch this movie: concussion. He was surprised that I haven’t seen the movie or know anything about the brain behind the movie, probably because of the way I am so into …

Crazy Rich Asians
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Crazy Rich Asians Movie

Crazy Rich Asians Movie I probably would say is one of my favourite movies. I literally don’t get tired watching it over and over again. The first time I watched crazy Rich Asians was in a friend’s house. You know those planned up visits and to think I almost didn’t …