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But I Know I Love You; Eclampsia Experience

No one ever prepares for the eventualities that come with pregnancy, we all hope that the women in our lives take in and give birth to our minis uneventful atleast not having Eclampsia. Pretty sure it was the same with the newlyweds that will be sharing their beautiful story today, sit back and get enlightened.It’s important to know this is an awareness post on Eclampsia; a post that I hope helps everyone out there. This fancy word Eclampsia is not something anyone wants to associate with pregnancy as couples. It is a complication of severe Preeclampsia and comes as onset …

Survived Bone Cancer
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I Yeeted Bone Cancer

On a beautiful day on twitter, I came across a strong lady who will be sharing her bone cancer “yeeting” story that helped me see life from a different perspective. Sit back and become aware through this write up that bone cancer exists, not forgetting this is to help bring more awareness on bone cancer… Like, share and comment at the end…. When I turned 20 years old, I was living a fast paced life: I was a full-time university student, working full-time, and a single mother to my son Jason. All that came to an abrupt halt when I …

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Surviving Stroke

On a random day during the holiday, I was scrolling through Twitter and came across an interesting tweet that got my attention. I followed through to the original tweet and met this lovely soul that will be my blog guest for today who is really Surviving stroke, in short words- has survived stroke. Yay! Allow me to introduce Emma Gee, one of Australia’s acclaimed Inspirational Speakers, offering her thoughts and solutions on resilience and person-centred care, she is definitely doing well in Surviving stroke that occurred due to AVM surgery.    Kindly introduce yourself for my awesome blog readers who don’t …

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5+ Things They Never Told You About beautiful Afro Hair.

You know how we all see ladies with their full afro hair mane, long, all wavy, well laid baby natural hair and we are like oh beautiful and we are contemplating joining the team natural…. Hol’up…. sit back and let those in the team tell you their story before you make up your mind…. Before we delve into their story, I want to Sincerely apologise to everyone that kept on checking for new post but didn’t see, this girl had some bags to secure and it was time consuming but fun and someday I shall blog about it especially for …