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Senator style

Senator Style Inspo For Men

Senator wear as it is fondly known in Nigeria is one “outfit” that every man should have even if it is one senator style. One can never go wrong with it, for it can be worn to almost everywhere and it is never footwear selective. While the female styles are fast becoming popular, the men …

Classy Women's suit
Fashion Classy

Classy Women’s Suits

So I didn’t realise how classy women’s suits are till it was time for graduation photoshoot. Hehe I was just imagining how I will look in some and even went to shopping mall to see if I can get one for myself but you know how it is with classy things, it gets finished in …

classy bridesmaids styles
Fashion Bridals

Classy Bridesmaids Styles

I am excited to be sharing these bridesmaids styles. Someone is about to get in the groove for weddings or at least I think since ending of the year is always about weddings and some more. Thinking of standing out classy as a bridesmaid then let’s get right into it. Hope one of these styles …

Fashion Ankara

Trending Asoebi Styles 2

Hey beautiful ladies before we look at these trending asoebi styles…. How are we all doing? Yea I know I have been off here for a minute. I can explain,  I got your emails and kind words. The beauty behind this blog has been “entangled” in/with a lot of things like Your fave is now …

Classy corporate wears
Fashion Classy

Classy corporate wears

Have I mentioned I am team classy any day anytime. There’s is this air that comes when you are classy and “baff up” in a classy way. After all the oyibo said you are addressed the way you dress so why not dress different, whether to work, church or meeting. Today’s post is for those …

African wedding styles
Fashion Ankara Classy

African wedding styles

Hey beauties… Errm I know it’s another Saturday by the corner and we have to represent effectively in that African event. We can’t be caught slipping so I am here to save the day as usual. You can thank me later as usually when you’ve been inspired or tried out these African wedding styles. Oh! …