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Black history month: 5 Blacks contributing to Africa’s Rich History.

Black history month is a month we remember and acknowledge the important events and rich history of Africa. In black history month we acknowledge Blacks who have gone ahead to cause change and pave way for Africans. For Americans and Canadians, Black history month is February every year while in the United Kingdom, it’s October. This month being February, we would be acknowledging 10 Black women who are leaving their mark in history, their fashion, accomplishments, and their businesses.  1. Taraji P. Henson: She is an entrepreneur, author and actress, best known for movies like Baby Boy, Empire, Hustle & …

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5 Nigerian Tailors making waves in Fashion world

Nigeria is a country with great creative minds, both discovered and yet to hit the lime light. It’s a nation that creativity flows effortlessly and the fashion sector isn’t left out. At the moment, these tailors/stylists are cooking up storms in fashion that leaves one marvelled. No wonder Nigerians are not found wanting when it comes to dressing up. 1. Mai Atafo Mai Atafo is one household name on the lips of not just Nigerian but individuals living outside Nigeria. He is an icon who is passionate about his creativity including his famous Agbadas mostly modelled/worn by Ebuka. He literally …

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Beautiful Mother-Daughter moments we didn’t know we needed: Serena Williams and Olympia Ohanian.

With the world constantly shoving unwelcomed narratives down our throats, there are definitely moments we look forward to and end with aww…it’s beautiful. Serena Williams and her daughter gives us such moments and we are happy to see it and believe that there are still good bonds out there. Well let’s get down to it🥰 Even when she’s is being dressed up for one occasion or the other, the moments are there supporting the view that women can have both career and family. Well, permut me to add with supportive partners.  All 📸: Serena Williams. Till next beautiful bond post, keep …

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Classy Beyoncé moments

Beyonce (Queen Bee) is a household name that is here to stay down to generations to come and her classy Beyoncé fashion moments are unrivalled. She represents so well that even in unaware moments you don’t catch her fashion slipping. She holds her forte so well both in music and fashion world just like BadgirlRiri. Her fans adore her alot that you are most likely to be mobbed if you speak against her, no wonder she loves them so much.  Well, let’s have a look at her classy moments and be inspired.   The beautiful mother and Queen of the …