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Classy Women's suit

Classy Women’s Suits

So I didn’t realise how classy women’s suits are till it was time for graduation photoshoot. Hehe I was just imagining how I will look in some and even went to shopping mall to see if I can get one for myself but you know how it is with classy things, it gets finished in time. ENJOY AND BE INSPIRED TO OWN ONE The great thing about these wears is that they can be worn with both snickers and heels.… Read More »Classy Women’s Suits

Wardrobe essentials for classy women

Wardrobe Essentials For Classy Women

Every Classy Woman out there deserves a Classy, Boss Girl Wardrobe and you “Milady” reading this post, you are a boss girl plus you are in the right boss girl environment. A bossy girl wardrobe might sometimes involve maxing out that card like I mentioned in Good Fashion does not come cheap blog post, some other times it might not involve maxing out that card if you know the right place to get the essentials, which is usually the case all the… Read More »Wardrobe Essentials For Classy Women

Good fashion

Good Fashion doesn’t come cheap.

So yes you don’t have to break a bank to slay but if we can be honest, good stuffs including good fashion doesn’t come cheap. ย  Let’s stop here so that you can come back for more. Stay classy and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more. โœŒโœŒ

Outfit inspo for Men and Women.

For some reasons I don’t know, seems like most of my blog posts are about fashion inspiration circling more around women and you wouldn’t blame me because I am a lady. So ladies first. Today’s blog post is brief Outfits inspo for both genders and believe you me, you don’t have to break a bank for these. While we scroll through this post, would like to mention other ways to get outfit inspiration which are: Movies: Movies are one of… Read More »Outfit inspo for Men and Women.

Classy Outfits Inspo

On today’s blog post of classy Outfits, I have lots of classy outfit inspiration to show but before then permit me to talk about the word classy. The word classy is simply stylish and sophisticated with some air of attitude as topping. Sometimes I see pretty ladies and Gentlemen looking and dressed up all classy but are acting like Ratchets. Like why? If you are going to dress classy, kindly do but don’t roll in the mud while at it๐Ÿ˜†.… Read More »Classy Outfits Inspo