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Latest Asoebi styles

Olla! How are we all holding up this month? Yes, I know… this month has 5 months in it and to think next week is still Jan is funny having already spent 3 months in the same January.   Well, that we are still in the longest month of the year doesn’t mean we can’t slay to weddings or not attend occasions so let’s get to the latest asoebi styles.  P.s: Henceforth, for the sake of unique Queens that keep asking, the stylist will be added to each picture. Oh and no it’s unbiased opinion, I am not being paid to …

Asoebi styles
Fashion Ankara Bridals

2021 Trending Asoebi Styles

Hi ladies, is it just me or has anyone noticed the new asoebi styles have corsets and it is beautiful. I thought it was the you know, follow come slim waist thingy until I looked close.  These ladies are getting cinched waist, using corsets… Phew! The creativity,  I like 😄 Funny as it may sound, this used to be trendy back in our mothers days and somehow went out of vogue but gradually creeping back and surprisingly reigning.  Well, goes to say fashion depends on how you define it. Just do you, be unique and be happy. Without much stories, …

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Fashion Ankara Bridals

Classy Bridesmaids Style Inspiration

Hello bridesmaids, can we look at classy bridesmaids style inspiration post? I can totally get the excitement, our friend is walking down the aisle and we have to be there for them and what better way than being part of their bridesmaid train? 📸: redlightphotos Catch up on previous bridesmaids style inspiration post here and thank me later.