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Kente styles
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Beautiful Kente Styles for ladies

Kente material is synonymous to Ghanaians just as Isiagu or Asoebi is synonymous to Nigerians but the interesting story is that kente styles are not occasion specific.  Kent can be used for; weddings both traditional and white/church wedding, birthdays, graduations which happens to be one of our favourite occasion, engagement or even worn to work. One hardly ever faults with kente. There are various styles that can be sown out of kente and these kente styles always turn out beautiful especially when sewn with colourful kentes (well most kentes if not all are colourfully beautiful). They are easily accessible in …

No swanky no styling
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21 Times Swanky has lived up his “No Swanky no Styling ” Hype.

Jeremiah Ogbodo popularly known as Swanky is a celebrity fashion stylist popular among African nations. He is a force to reckon with in the fashion world especially Nigerian fashion world. Recently he is causing waves and ripples beyond Africa and we are here for all of it and more. His works screams class, elegance, stylish and expensive to which we have to disagree to agree that “good thing na money kill am” as fondly said by blacks. He is one who is really careful with his brand, his clients and image as a person, no wonder in the recent Netflix …

Latest Asoebi
Fashion Ankara Bridals

Latest Asoebi styles

Olla! How are we all holding up this month? Yes, I know… this month has 5 months in it and to think next week is still Jan is funny having already spent 3 months in the same January.   Well, that we are still in the longest month of the year doesn’t mean we can’t slay to weddings or not attend occasions so let’s get to the latest asoebi styles.  P.s: Henceforth, for the sake of unique Queens that keep asking, the stylist will be added to each picture. Oh and no it’s unbiased opinion, I am not being paid to …