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Beauty Fashion

Winter Protective Hairstyles

Winter season is one season, likes of myself don’t feel comfortable in because of it’s effect on our hair. My hair requires protective hairstyles or else by summer it might look like fowl bum-bum with sparse hair and maybe the middle side will be longer than front or back side of my hair. So far …

Beauty Fashion

Hair Weekend

Phew! One worry I have when it’s time for a new updo is washing and treating my hair. Caring for my natural hair could take up my Friday night and the whole of Saturday just because it is special like that just like the owner. Well, that’s how I spent my last weekend. Process started …

Beauty Fashion

Natural Hair Styles

Natural hair is an afro textured hair gift, given to Africans by their creator so if you ain’t African sorry about that (though not entirely apologetic about it). Each strand of hair type grows in a tiny, spring-like helix shape,dense and in different hair textured types ranging from hair texture 1a to hair texture 4C. …