Brown skin

Brown skin girl, My joy has known no bound ever since I listened to brown skin girl song by Beyonce and Wizkid.

Incase you missed the lyrics, I am kind enough to share a part of it.

Brown skin girl

“Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else
Singin’ brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
I never trade you for anybody else, singin’…

Pose like a trophy when Naomis walk in
She need an Oscar for that pretty dark skin
Pretty like Lupita when the cameras close in
Drip broke the levee when my Kellys roll in
I think tonight she might braid her braids
Melanin too dark to throw her shade
She minds her business and winds her waist
Gold like 24k, okay

Oh, have you looked in the mirror lately? (Lately)
Wish you could trade eyes with me (Because)
There’s complexities in complexion
But your skin, it glow like diamonds
Dig me like the earth, you be giving birth
Took everything in life, baby, know your worth
I love everything about you, from your nappy curls
To every single curve, your body natural
Same skin that was broken be the same skin takin’ over
Most things out of focus, view
But when you’re in the room, they notice you (Notice you)
‘Cause you’re beautiful
Yeah, you’re beautiful

[Pre-Chorus: Beyoncé]
Them men, them gon’ fall in love with you and all of your glory
Your skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story
Keep dancin’, they can’t control you
They watchin’, they all adore you
If ever you are in doubt, remember what mama told you”

When I aired my view on Loving your skin some months back after having read that a popular entrepreneur visited my country to sell bleaching cream to the citizens, then it was more like the brown ,dark skin coloured girls were not being appreciated.

It was a case of you have to be fair, bleach up your skin to be considered beautiful.  If you were anything other than fair, you were considered ugly and treated unfairly and this cuts across all industries especially the modelling industry.

I remember vividly discussing with a friend that a time will come when all other skin types will be appreciated,  where people will begin to tan their skin just to be considered beautiful and until then skin cancer if not properly looked into will be one of the most common cancer to be suffered.

Just some months later, the story is changing. Brown skin coloured girl is being appreciated and now everyone is beginning to claim brown skin.

Hey wait, before you do. Remember everything isn’t always about you.

This song/ awareness is definitely not for you if you’ve bleached your skin.

Allow us to shine for once,  it’s our season.

Well, I hope with this, people will begin to appreciate their skin colour and build up confidence that yes you are beautiful the way you are .


Dearest Brown/chocolate Skin girl,

I can’t imagine what You have been through already in the hands of men and society.

I can’t say I don’t understand neither can I call it bluff but this girl writing this is saying

You are beautiful.

You are strong!

You are the best of your kind!!

You are unique!!!

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are a Queen with or without curly hair.

Carry yourself with poise, create your mark and let them fall under your radiance.

You are you and your skin colour is the best.

So wear it like a trophy and struttle like the Queen you are.

Spend your money on other things than a bleaching cream.

Engage in discussion that will lift your spirit up and if anyone sees you as ugly, pray for healing of their sight for they can’t see the beauty in you.

With love,


Your fellow brown skin girl.