Kente material is synonymous to Ghanaians just as Isiagu or Asoebi is synonymous to Nigerians but the interesting story is that kente styles are not occasion specific. 

Kent can be used for; weddings both traditional and white/church wedding, birthdays, graduations which happens to be one of our favourite occasion, engagement or even worn to work. One hardly ever faults with kente.

There are various styles that can be sown out of kente and these kente styles always turn out beautiful especially when sewn with colourful kentes (well most kentes if not all are colourfully beautiful).

They are easily accessible in Ghana although it has been noted to be sourced from anywhere in the world especially countries with a large number of Africans inhabiting in them. Ghanaian stylists are awesome at beating out gorgeous styles from these materials and we have to give it to Africans with great bodies who rock these styles to perfection. 

Thinking of visiting Ghana or any African country soon and you want to identify with the culture then think and sow of these kente styles.Kente stylesThis style including the length can be worn to traditional wedding, any youthful African gathering. Do not wear to gathering where more than 50% are older generation.Kente styles This beautiful style can be sewn by brides for their traditional wedding.Kente styles Another beautiful kente bridal style. Kente stylesKente stylesKente styles Kente styles

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Kente stylesKente styles Kente stylesKente styles Kente styles Kente styles Kente styles Kente styles More kente styles coming up on subsequent posts.

A Ghanaian material, not just Africans are proud of.Kente styles

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