AMVCA, an abbreviation for African Magic Viewers Choice Awards is an award event held yearly in Nigeria and for the first time, this year AMVCA was an 8 days event that ended yesterday the 14th of May 2022.

It’s an event that who is who in entertainment industry especially Nollywood endeavours to attend and the awards are usually the icing on the cake for to be honest it gives a fashion eventvibe masked in Awards. It’s safe to safe It’s a big event that it even got featured on BBC.

This year made it the 8th time the AMVCA has been organised and the hosts for this year’s AMVCA were media presenter Ik Osakioduwa and South African celebrity Bonang Matheba. 

With it being held at Eko Hotel and Suites Lagos Nigeria, it is certain that it wasn’t for the trench celebrities and if your favourite celebrity didn’t attend with understandable reason then you know where your fave belongs.

As usual for any event held in Nigeria, necks were pressed mercilessly in the name of fashion, while some understood the assignment and ate up, others seem to haven’t gotten it and came looking like escorts to those that ate.

Fairly looking at it, knowing fully well there will be category for best dressed in this year’s AMVCA, why show up less dressed?

The best dressed winners for this year : Osaka Ighodaro and Denola Grey certainly deserved it because they came prepared.

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So many awards were won last night and the emotions displayed plus speech given when some of them got called up to the podium were heart warming. 

Here is a complete list of the winners.

  1. Best Lighting Designer – Matthew Yusuf (Nneka the pretty serpent)
  2. Best Art Director- Tunji Afolayan (Amina)
  3. Best Writer in a movie or Tv series – Manie Oiseomaye, Donald Tombia, Biodun Stephen (Introducing the Kujus)
  4. Best Cinematographer – Muhammed Atata Ahmed
  5. Best Makeup- Balogun Abiodun (Omo ghetto the saga)
  6. Best costume designer- Milicent T.Jack (Amina)
  7. Best Sound editor- Jim Lively, James Nelson (Amina)
  8. Best Online Content Creator- Mr. Sabnius
  9. Best Indigenous Language (Swahili) – Freddy Feruzi
  10. Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) – David Akande, Demola Yusuf, Edgard Leroy (Alaise)
  11. Best Indigenous Language (Hausa)- Rogers Ofime (Voiceless)
  12. Best Indigenous Language (Igbo) – Uche Nnanna Maduka (Nne-Ka)
  13. Best Multichoice Talent Factory – Daisy Masembe (Engaito)
  14. Best Soundtrack- Pascal Aka and Raquel (Gold Coast Lounge)
  15. Best Picture Editor-Tunde Apalowo ( For Maria Ebun Pataki)
  16. Best Africa Magic Original Comedy Series- The Johnsons (Roger Ofime)
  17. Best TV Series (Drama or Comedy)- The Mystic River (Rogers Ofime)
  18. Best Movie W/Africa- Bolanle Austen-Peters, Joseph Umoibom, James Amuta (Collision Course)
  19. Best Movie (East Africa)– Morocco Omari (The Girl In The Yellow Jumper)
  20. Best Movie (Southern Africa)- Dantagos Jimmy-Melani (Hairareb)
  21. Best Documentary- Saitabao Kaiyare, Mumo Liku Elena Schilling, Daniela Fritz, Ann Katrina Boberg (If Objects Could Speak)
  22. Best Actress in a Drama- Osas Ighodaro (Rattlesnake)
  23. Best Actor in a Drama- Stan Nze (Rattlesnake)
  24. Best Actress in a Comedy- Funke Akindele Bello (Omo Ghetto: The Saga).
  25. Best Actor in a Comedy- Samuel Perry ‘Broda Shaggi’ (Dwindle)
  26. Best Supporting Actress- Omowunmi Dada (Country Hard)
  27. Best Supporting Actor (Movie or TV Series)- Odunlade Adekola (Jankariwo)
  28. Best Short Film or Online Video- Taiwo Ogunnimo (I am the prostitute mama described)
  29. Best Online Content Creator- Oga Sabinus
  30. Best Overall Movie- Amina (Izu Ojukwu, Okey Ogunjiofor)
  31. Best Director (Movie)- Ramsey Nouah (Rattlesnake)
  32. Special recognition award – Tinsel
  33. Trail blazer award- Teniola Aladese
  34. Industry merit award- Taiwo Ajayi Lycett.

To our favourite part: fashion, few pictures of celebrities that ate up.

AMVCA8 Beside winning Best Actor in drama, he represented the culture well.

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In every class there is always that one student! Some brought met gala vibes to AMVCA and it left some with questions like: how did she breath? wasn’t she sweating? How was she able to see while dressed up on this? So many unanswered questions but we love to see good outfits though. 


Most outfits worn to AMVCA this year were sewn by this beautiful damsel Veekeejames_official, her handiwork are a sight to behold. 

?: officialphotofreak.

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Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to AMVCA 2023, till then follow us jn Instagram @_zanaposh for more.