2 years blogiversary

Yo! This pet of mine that started as a joke is 2 years today(yey! Blogiversary) and I am looking at my first Post with nostalgic feelings. It really feels like yesterday when I launched, posted, shared and bullied family and friends to subscribe to my newsletter.

I get questions like why the name zanaposh which ofcourse after the name has been mauled.

To answer the question once and maybe for all, My name is Chimnazaekpere which means My God Answers but because the name is long, people of this world have shortened it to Naza (Answers).

When Naza is spelt backwards it’s Zana meaning Fairy goddess in Romanian language, God is gracious in Slavic and graceful lily in Hebrew.

Posh we all know what it means including stylish, elegant, exclusive, uppercase. Are you with me?

Ehe now you get the origin and meaning of Zanaposh and why I like the name just like Chimnaza… everything centered in God plus incase you missed it out, I am a Christian as well.

Interesting Facts About Me

2 years blogiversary

I am “needle-phobic“: As of the day I wrote this line in February,  I had gone earlier for a vaccine injection and I cried while being given the injection. Not only did I cry, I was held down by 3 persons after I had paced the room up and down and incase you are wondering if I am a kid, I am a full grown Somebody that cries easily when I am about to be given injection and during injection.

The annoying part is I took myself to the hospital o and I know syringe and myself are like 1 and 10, we never attract but repel. I just sacrifice few moments of disgracing myself and my generation by crying so that I can take appropriate medication and stay alive.

One of the individuals that held me down while I was being given injection asked me if I am a child after the injection. “It pained me” that even after asking me the question I wasn’t given “licki licki“.

Yes, for the past months I have been going there for different injections, I was always given chocolatey something to pacify the child in me that cried during the injection but this last one didn’t given me any licki licki, however asked me to sit down for 30 minutes to be sure I wouldn’t have adverse reactions or allergy reactions. (such annoying set of professionals on duty😣🙁😣).

Well, just incase you haven’t read about me or heard of me before, errm I am Biomedical Scientist and a Medical Doctor too.

Little story, back in high school not sure I have ever been a serious student but I knew for certainty that I would be a Doctor but if you are familiar with education system in my great country, you will understand why I studied Medical Laboratory Science first before furthering to study medicine.

It’s been a long journey to where I am and I owe all gratitude to God, my family being main support system are not left out .

So allow me to be vain sometimes.

Yass, I will unashamedly admit to be atychiphobic. Ehe go ahead and check dictionary incase it’s a new word .

Summary is My fear of failing makes me come off sometimes as competitive to some people. Relax I am just trying to avoid soliloquolising, feeling bad and every other yadi yadi you can fill up the gap with.

I just want to be better than who I was a minute ago.

We all believe we are fire dancers, I am no exception. However,  I am a fire dancer in my head. My body can’t seem to translate what my brain tells her to do when the music is on. Phew!!!

Hopefully it will change someday🤣.

This 2 years blogiversary, is definitely a time I looked forward to. Though not where I want the blog to be yet but definitely not where I started from.

Cheers to 2 years in blogging (it’s at this point,  you type happy blogiversary Chimnaza

Cheers to more years ahead.

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Cheers to 2 years in blogging (it’s at this point,  you type happy blogiversary Chimnaza)